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We want to make sure our customers
are happy and smart advocates for
electric vehicles.

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Wheego LiFe owners consistently report a real-world driving range of 100 miles per charge. It’s simple physics. Distance = Work/Force.Learn More
A battery management system coordinates the individual batteries into a cohesive unit, balancing the load uniformly across the batteries and monitoring charge levels.Learn More
The 2011 Wheego LiFe qualifies for a $7,500 Federal Tax Credit in 2012. Many states now offer state incentives including state tax credits, driving in HOV lane, or free municipal parking.Learn More
The Wheego Whip LSV comes with a 120V charge cord; you can plug it into any standard 120V outlet to charge your Whip. The LiFe comes standard with a 120V “travel cord” for Level 1 charging.Learn More

Nimnicht Electric Vehicles

Nimnicht Electric Vehicles (Nimnicht EV) is proud to introduce the Wheego All Electric Vehicle to Jacksonville, Florida. With up to 100 miles per charge, we believe this vehicle can free you from the gas pump for most of your daily activities.

Nimnicht EV wants to bring great all-electric and hybrid cars to Jacksonville and communicate the practical benefits of owning and driving them. We want to provide affordable, safe, and reliable cars that are fun to drive. We won’t hype or exaggerate the capabilities of our cars. We want to make sure our customers are happy and smart advocates for electric cars.

What Customers Say

This two-seater is among the smallest and simplest EVs, but what it lacks in size and frills, it makes up for in practicality and efficiency. Ranging 100 miles when fully charged and topping out at 65 mph, the tiny ride is priced at $32,995.
Clay Swartz, Boy's Life
This opportunity has boosted our profile in the eco-tourism category and will be welcomed by tourists who are keen to see sustainable environmental programmes within their vacation destinations
Karen Gascoigne, Alexander Hotel
We have a charging station at the library now. We would love to get some more — at the train station, maybe town hall. With the new CAFE regulations, there may be more of an interest in driving electric vehicles. We want Wilton to be ahead of the curve
Jana Bertkau, Wilton Go Gree